Friday, July 3, 2009

Northampton Plantation

By: Juanita Fisher
HS 129, Summer 1 2009

The Northampton Plantation is a self-guided archaeological site that is located in Northlake residential in Lake Arbor, MD, which is in Prince George’s County at a community park. I was fortunate to find this location doing an internet search. I chose this site because it is approximately 15 miles from where I reside and I had no idea of the history that was so close to where I live. I recently visited the location on May 30th with my family, who really enjoyed the history of seeing a slave quarter.

Excavation took place in the 18th century with artifacts, oral histories, and historical documents. The excavation continued from dwelling, while the foundation and partial walls of the brick quarters have been constructed three centuries later which I have taken pictures of. Many of the slaves remained in the Prince George’s county surrounding area.

The Northampton Plantation was a tobacco plantation that also produced other crops from the 1600s. The land was granted by Charles Calvert, Esq. the third to Thomas Sprigg. Thomas Sprigg and his family lived and owned slaves for 200 centuries . If you would visit this location as of today you would find the remains of the main plantation house, out building, and two slave quarters. The site relates to African American history because of the plantation on which slaves reside on for 200 centuries, and this was a prominent plantation in Prince George’s County for growing tobacco.

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